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A Red-Eyed Miscellany

An artifact of nature.
16th century historical novels, 2001, abba, accents, after life, america's next top model, asceticism, bad education, bend in the river, best in show, big lebowski, black wind of kilimanjaro, blackadder, bob dylan, boys don't cry, british mysteries, brokeback mountain, bushwalking, ca driver's handbook, central station, chansons, chisels, cinema, city lights, city of god, cosmogonies, crimes and misdemeanors, dancing queens, delicatessen, dictaphones, disco, ed wood, efficacy, endymion wilkinson's manual, epics, ethics, ethiopian jazz, ethno-musicologists' dreams, exceptions to japanese grammar, excess, exercises in style, experience, family guy, funk, geography iii, gibran, gods must be crazy, grisman & garcia, harold & maude, history, homer, icelandic folktales, in living color, in theheat ofthe sun, instruments, j.kincaid, james bond, johnny cash, judou, kung fu, kurosawa, l'homme du train, la jetee, la science des reves, language, last temptation of christ, leonard cohen, li bai, lieder & cantatas, life of brian, life of pi, magnetic fields, many moons, marquez, materialising ideas, memory, metamorphoses, mexican polka, missing piece series, monty python, mulholland dr., my zen comic books, mysterious cities of gold, names, narnia, narrow road, neruda, nina simone, older star trek, orlando, painting, paul muldoon, pavannes, project runway, propaganda, propagandist folk music, record of the historian, satie, scents, shen congwen, simpsons, sufficiency, swimming in the sea, tabloid fact-checkers, tampopo, the 50s, the 60s, the 70s, the constant gardener, the decalogue, the godfather i, the hallowed oed, the official preppy handbook, the perfect red, the songlines, the up! docs, the water margin, thesaurus, things longer than 4words, things with articles, travel, vidal's creation, walkabout, wallace stevens, watermelon, weepy soundtracks, wilde, writing, xi you ji, zhuangzi